Is Your Home an Attractive Option for Buyers?

by DJ Richmond 01/24/2019

As a home seller, it is important to do everything possible to make your residence an attractive choice for buyers. Because if your home stands out from the pack, you may be better equipped than other sellers to enjoy a fast, seamless and profitable house selling experience.

Ultimately, there are many ways to make your home an attractive option for buyers, and these include:

1. Perform Home Improvements

If your home has a leaky roof, defective heating and cooling system or other problems, there may be no time like the present to perform house upgrades. That way, you can transform assorted home weaknesses into strengths.

For home sellers who are uncertain about how to upgrade their residences, it may be beneficial to conduct a home inspection. This evaluation enables a home inspector to review your residence both inside and out. Then, a home inspector will provide a report that details his or her findings, and you can use the report results to prioritize home improvement projects.

2. Remove Clutter

If your home is full of antiques, furniture and various personal belongings, it may be tough for homebuyers to envision what life may be like if they purchase your residence. Conversely, if you eliminate clutter from your home, you can show off your living space's full potential to buyers.

Oftentimes, it helps to rent a storage unit before you list your residence. This unit will allow you to store a wide range of personal belongings in a safe place until your house sells.

It also may be a good idea to host a yard sale or sell excess items online. By doing so, you can simultaneously remove clutter and earn extra cash.

3. Boost Your Residence's Curb Appeal

Your house's curb appeal is a difference-maker in homebuyers' eyes. If your home boasts a pristine front lawn, flawless siding and other dazzling exterior features, your residence may stand out to buyers as soon as they see it. Comparatively, if your house has a messy front lawn, damaged siding and other noticeable flaws, your residence is unlikely to make a positive first impression on buyers.

Allocate time and resources to bolster your house's curb appeal – you'll be happy you did. If your home makes a positive first impression on homebuyers, you may receive lots of interest in your residence. And as a result, you may be able to accelerate the house selling cycle.

Lastly, as you search for ways to distinguish your residence from other available houses, you may want to hire a real estate agent. This housing market professional can offer expert recommendations and suggestions to help you enhance your residence. Plus, if you have any concerns or questions throughout the home selling journey, a real estate agent will always be available to address them.

Ensure your residence is an attractive option for buyers – use the aforementioned tips, and you can differentiate your house from the competition.

About the Author

DJ Richmond

DJ Richmond is a real estate agent who is known for his work at Gold Key Realty, which sets the gold standard of real estate. Since graduating from Suffolk University’s Business School, he has continued to hone his financial skills and focus on anything he can do to become a more effective support system for his clients whether they are buying a home or selling one. He has a knack for communicating with his clients in order to understand exactly what it is that they need and then devising a strategy for meeting those needs. Since teaming up with some of the top selling agents in Massachusetts, he has expanded into a leader of the real estate market in the Greater Boston community.

Having grown up in the Greater Boston community, DJ has worked hard to solidify his knowledge of real estate and to amass a base of information that applies to both residential and commercial properties. He involves his clients in every step of the buying and selling processes, ensuring that they are aware of what is going on and included in all the major decisions. Putting customer service at the center of the business, DJ Richmond has made himself into a role model for other real estate agents, operating on a set of principles from which others can learn.

Beyond all the basic services associated with his representation, DJ makes himself available for a variety of extras. These extras include breaking down the complexities of real estate investing for new buyers, teaching buyers how to analyze properties and add value to their properties, and teaching sellers how to generate more traffic to their property via marketing. He also provides the entirety of his finance knowledge and experience, avoiding the pitfalls most common to first-time buyers.

Whatever it is that you are looking to accomplish, DJ can help you. If you are looking to rent, buy, sell, or just learn about real estate, contact DJ Richmond today and see what your brightest future looks like. 

Testimonials - What People Say About DJ

DJ Richmond went over and above to both sell my home and buy a new home. He excelled in getting the word out to market my house. I was more than pleased with every aspect of selling my house. Everything he did from the listing, photography, advertising and open house was the best I could ask for.   When it came time for negotiations, DJ really did an awesome job. He knew what he was doing and could advise me on making the best decision for a smooth transaction. When buying a new home, he knew exactly what I was looking for and was able to find me the right place in a time when inventory is extremely low. It is evident that DJ has a very solid work ethic and was available to help answer my many questions whenever I needed him. There were many times that I depended on him to be the "go to" person to communicate between myself and both the buyers and sellers. He stepped up to the plate every time. I would highly recommend him!
DJ has a great, positive attitude and is incredibly responsive. I originally found him through a posting for an apartment, and he took the time to actually get to know us and our situation. During the apartment hunt (which was very off-season), he actually showed us how buying a home could be a   morepossible than we thought. He showed us a few houses, he got us linked up with a lender very quickly and easily, and we went through the approval process for a mortgage on one we really liked. 

We didn't end up making an offer at that time, but his knowledge of the process and the next steps was excellent. At no time did he pressure us, and when we told him we wouldn't make an offer and just wanted to stick to an apartment for the time being, he immediately went to work and found us an incredible deal on our current apartment. We will likely stay in this apartment until we give DJ a ring one of these days to go house hunting for real this time! We have kept in contact with DJ and he has even accompanied us to other open houses since. 
DJ has been nothing less than a heaven sent. He was there through it all 24-7. He's not only a excellent real estate agent he turns out to be a true friend. Thanks DJ for being part of mine and Dave's life.
My wife and I just closed on a home with DJ's help.  He was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process.  He was quick to respond whenever we had a question about the process.  He is polite, knowledgeable, and a perfect mix of friendly and professional.  He went above and beyond   expectations to land us our first home, and we couldn't be happier with the experience.  I would recommend DJ to anyone who needed assistance with purchasing a home.
My family and I have a mixed-use property and DJ helped us find tenants for both our commercial space and residential apartment. The commercial space was vacant for 6+ months and DJ came in with a stellar marketing plan and was able to find a well-established 20+ year business as a tenant with a long term lease and generated a higher rent than we had ever received in the past. Additionally, his unique, tailored marketing efforts led to 12+ applications for the 2 bedroom rental unit. It was rented in less than a week and for $300 more per month than the previous tenants. DJ was extremely knowledgeable about the local Danvers market and answered any questions I had. He was patient, smart, and tactical and I would highly recommend using him for your commercial or residential needs!
DJ was fantastic to work with. I was expecting selling my first home to be extremely painful and drawn out. DJ made it easy and seamless. When we met and went through the listing he told me he would have it sold in one weekend an he was right! He knew exactly how to price and market my home for the area. He also was extremely helpful at guiding me in what needed to be done to get my house ready to sell without going overboard or delaying the process. When it came to accepting and offer DJ was great at negotiating with all the interested parties and getting me the right deal. Even with some push back from the buyers DJ was able to get them to come to the original terms they agreed to and even close early. I highly recommend working with DJ he was friendly, knowledgeable and made this whole process so easy.
DJ helped me sell my home in Melrose this past Spring. We had multiple offers all above ask. DJ was very helpful throughout the entire process. He is very accessible and thorough with his research. He has lived in the greater Boston area throughout his entire life, so he knowledgeable in many neighborhoods. I would highly recommend DJ for any of your real estate needs!
As a first time buyer DJ was incredibly helpful. He went above and beyond what was required of him to ensure that I got the exact property that fit my ramifications. The process took over five months before I found the right fit and he was there with me every step of the way. Any question I had he responded immediately with a well thought out answer of his expertise. He had a great understanding of the local market and advised me to hold back when it was a bad deal (we came across many). At the end of the day I could not be happier with the property I got and I owe a huge thanks to DJ for helping me get to exactly where I want to be. If it wasn't for him putting in the extra effort I may not own this property. I would hands down recommended DJ to any buyer looking for a well informed, responsive, and helpful real estate agent.
DJ helped me purchase my first home in June 2016. I was a first time home buyer buying a multi-family property and DJ guided me seamlessly through the process. He attended multiple open houses and set up private showing for all the properties I wanted to view. He was extremely patient with all of   my questions, especially regarding the local real estate market & what houses were good investments vs. great investments! He informed me of the 203k rehab loan and put me in touch with multiple lenders and contractors to discuss my possibilities. Once my offer was accepted, DJ guided me through the closing process without a hitch. We even closed earlier than anticipated! Once the close was complete, DJ helped me rent out my tenant's unit in under a week. I highly recommend DJ for your real estate needs. He is filled with a wealth of knowledge and his passion for what he does truly shines through in every conversation we had. Thank you for making the purchase of my first multi-family home a huge success!